Plex Module for WHMCS

Plex module for WHMCS that allows you to offer plex services to your users and friends as well and manages their billing automatically through WHMCS.



Plex Modules for WHMCS is fully automations billing panel


  • Create  Account: When a client is signed up with your product/services it creates the account to Plex Account and mapped them each other for further actions.
  • Suspend Account: if your client doesn’t pay their subscription invoice on their due date then our module suspends their services automatically after 5 days. because of non-payment. Also, You can enter the number of days after the due payment date you want to wait before suspending the account under the settings tab.
  • Unsuspend Account: once they pay the invoice. it re-activate the service automatically.
  • Terminate Account:  it brings the ability to terminate the services as well through WHMCS.

v1.0 Released: Jun 15th, 2018

  • Initial Release